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Adding Two-Digit Numbers Given One

Directions: Fill in the boxes below using the whole numbers 0 through 9, at most one time each, so that you can make a true equation.



How can we ensure that all numbers will be 2-digits?



There are many answers including 27 + 53 = 80. Wrong answers include 76 + 53 = 129 because the sum needs to be two-digits.

Source: Robert Kaplinsky

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  1. Christine Roberts

    I am thinking that the digits should be changed to include 0-9 in order to have a solution such as 27 + 53 = 80 (sample answer). If you want to use only the digits 1-9, then a different sample answer should be provided such as 26 + 53 = 79.

  2. Should 5 and 3 be excluded since they are already in the problem?

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