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Multiplying Two-Digit Numbers (Elementary)

Directions: Make the smallest (or largest) product by filling in the boxes using the whole numbers 1-9 no more than one time each



What does the number on the left represent?  What does the number on the right represent?



96 · 87 is one answer for the largest product.  13 · 24 is the smallest product.

Source: Robert Kaplinsky

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  1. Here is a Desmos visual that might support the task.


    • Robert Kaplinsky

      Nice Rusty! Too bad there isn’t a built in way to restrict duplicate numbers. Two thoughts:
      – I wonder if there is a difference between a horizontal and vertical representation?
      – Is there value in restricting a and b to 12 to 98? (11 or less and 99 and 100 are not possible)

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