Multiplying Integers 2

Directions: Using the integers -9 to 9 at most one time each, place an integer in each box to make the greatest possible product.


What integers would give you the greatest product? When is a time where multiplying with a negative integer might give you a greater product?


The greatest possible product is 9 · -9 · -8

Source: Robert Kaplinsky in Open Middle Math

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  1. I really like this website but its herd to write things down a little bit.

  2. Tristin Vongsamphanh

    Im confused to do.

  3. Charleigh Bailliez

    it will not let me type or write i am so confused how do we type i have tried so many ties to figure it out

  4. 9 times -9 times 8 = 648

  5. The answer is 9x-9x-8

  6. Charleigh Bailliez

    The answer to the question above is 9x-9x-8

  7. The print button is not working on this one.

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