Directions: Draw three rectangles with a perimeter of 20 units.


How can we tell whether a rectangle has a perimeter of 20 units?  How can we adjust our rectangle if it doesn’t have a perimeter of 20 units?


There are an infinite number of answers as long as the side lengths add up to 20 units.

Source: Dan Meyer

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  1. My students struggled with similar problems from Math Expressios this year. I tried using inch tiles, but found students confusing counting the units along the sides with counting the tiles. My idea for this year is to cut one inch lengths from straws & string them on yarn. Students could work together in small groups & each one have 20 lengths of straw on their strings. They must each make a rectangle which is different from their partners.

  2. How can there be an infinite number of rectangles with a perimeter or 20 units?

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