Squares: Perimeter v. Area

Directions: How can you tell which square is bigger: a square with a perimeter of 25 units or a square with an area of 25 square units?


What information to we need to compare these two squares?


The square with a perimeter of 25 units will have a side length of 25/4 units or 6.25 units long.  As a result, that square’s area will be 39.0625 square units so it will be bigger than the one with an area of 25 square units.

Source: Robert Kaplinsky

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  1. Hey It is Brendyn Mahon again and I think area is bigger and perimeter is smaller.

  2. perimeter because each side is 6.1 units and the area has sides that are 5 units

  3. area is bigger because if a square has a perimiter of 25 that means each side has 4.25 on each side so 4×4 equals 16 and .25x.25= more than one and less than two and that is less than 25

  4. I think the perimeter will be larger because each side is 6.25 while the side for area is 5.

  5. permiter, because each side is 6.1

  6. I think perimeter because 6.25 would be on the outside on each side and area would be 5×5 on the inside

  7. you divide 25 by 2 to get 12 1/2 then add that four times to get 50 now both components are area and since 50>25 the first square is bigger

  8. square with perimeter 25 is bigger

  9. Isabella Mendoza

    you would figure out the numbers that addd to the area and the numbers the go with th perimeter and then you will find the answer the answer is the on with the perimeter of 25 is bigger

  10. perimeter is bigger because the sides are 6.1

  11. Area because multiplication makes a bigger sum and addition because if 12+5=17 ten 12×5=60 so area.

  12. If a square has perimeter it will be the bigger.

  13. When you are finding the area of a shape you multiply the length and width of the sides.
    When you are finding the perimeter of the shape you add the length and width of all the sides together.
    However, the perimeter and the area can both be bigger. But it always depends on the shape.

  14. In the concept of 25 units the perimeter is bigger because the area will increase with the perimeter.

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