Which Rectangle is More Like a Square?

Directions: Which rectangle is more like a square?  Rectangle A is 13 units by 15 units.  Rectangle B is 2 units by 3 units.


How can we determine which is more square like?  What does it mean to be square like?


There are many ways to approach this problem including finding out which fraction is closer to 1, dilating the 2×3 rectangle to become 10 by 15, etc. but Rectangle A is more square like.

Source: Robert Kaplinsky

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  1. Surely it is rectangle A ?

  2. Is it square A?

    This is how I did it;

    B = 2/3 = 10/15

    A = 13/15

    • Squares have equal sides, so you’re looking for the rectangle that is closest to having sides of the same length. 13 is closer to 15 than 10 is to 15.

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