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Transformations – Shortest Sequence

Directions: What is the fewest number of transformations needed to take pre-image ABCD to image A’B’C’D’?



What transformations do you need to use? Can you use the same transformations and do it another way?



A single reflection across a line that is roughly parallel to line segment DA in the pre-image will do it in one move. Otherwise students will likely get it in 2 moves by using a rotation and a reflection.

Source: Robert Kaplinsky

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  1. A reflection that takes A to A’ can only be in the perpendicular bisector of AA’
    Same goes for B and B’ and these two lines are not the same. So no single reflection.
    Maybe they put in the wrong diagram?

  2. Chelsea McClellan

    I should state that the actual location is irrelevant then. Not stating that would create major confusion.

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