Interpreting Graphs

Directions: Using the digits 1 to 6 at most one time each, fill in the boxes to create a graph and fill in the blanks to make them true.


What relationships do you need to know?


power logs

Source: Bryan Anderson

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  1. This is great! **It should say “fewer” instead of “less”, though 🙂

  2. This is pretty well made problem!:)

  3. About half of my students got this answer.

    6 apples, 2 bananas, and 5 oranges.

    There are 4 more apples than bananas.
    There is 1 less orange than apple.
    There are 3 more oranges than bananas.

  4. there are 6 apples,2 bananas.there is 1 less orange the apples.There are 3 more oranges the bananas

  5. 9+10=21

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