Representing Data

Directions: Using the counting numbers 1 to 6, each only once, fill in the graph and blanks to make the statements true.

  1. There are twice as many dogs as cats.
  2. There are twice as many cats as birds.

There are ___ dogs, ___ cats and ___ birds in class.


What relationships do you need to know?
What elements do you need to have in your graph?


Source: Bryan Anderson

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  1. Love this task. I could see the discussion going many different directions from patterns to doubling numbers (how much do kids love that!?) to even/odd to working backwards to solve a problem.
    This can also be easily adapted to other grades by changing the numbers or even changing the subject and allowing for fractions. Maybe this is appropriate for grades 3-5 is you use cookies instead of people and open it up to any number 0-6.

    The directions would need to be modified a little to include numbers 1-8 for the second solution to work.

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