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Planting Carrots 1

Directions: Using the digits 1 to 9 at most one time each, fill in the blanks to make the following problem true.

Sarah planted __ __ carrots in her garden. She planted them in __ rows. Each row had __ carrots.



Can you make the problem true using the digits 0 – 9 as many times as you would like?



Answers may vary. For example:

Sarah planted 24 carrots in her garden. She planted them in 3 rows. Each row had 8 carrots.

Source: Chase Orton

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  1. Great basic extension problem for multiplication. I’m confused, however, about the hint. It’s also worth mentioning that the total number of carrots is not limited to 0-9

  2. This is a great website! It teaches them new skills every time they do this. I totally understand the hint.

  3. Thanks for this (and all you all do!) Used this as a warm up in 4th grade, then sent kids home to work with family on problem of “How many diff. combinations are there following these rules?” Great opportunity to make an organized chart and think from extremes (biggest to smallest or vise versa).

  4. I’m In 3rd Grade And This Is To Easy Please Make These Harder For Us.

  5. Sarah planted 24 carrots. She planted them in three rows. Each row had 8 carrots.

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