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Simplifying Exponential Expressions

Directions: Using the integers 1 to 10 at most one time each, fill in the boxes so that the result is closest to 1.



What does closest to 1 mean? What does this tell you about the fraction in the numerator and the fraction in the denominator?



There are several answers that will give a result of 1, such as ((4/9)^5)/((2/3)^10).

If we are looking for an answer that is closest but not equal to 1, I’m not sure what the answer is!

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  1. I tried to form fractions that simplify to whole numbers. So I was successful with:
    (10/5)^6 / (8/1)^2

    This simplified to 2^6 / 8^2

  2. Found ((1/4)^3)/((5/10)^6) = 1! with a difference of 0. Woohoo!

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