Subtraction without Regrouping

Directions: Using the digits 1 to 9, at most one time each, fill in the boxes so that you would not need to regroup when you subtract. Make sure your number is less than 63.

Extension: Explain why you do NOT need to regroup using your number.


What is a number you can take away from 3?


The student puts in a number less than 63 and contains a 0, 1, 2, or 3 in the ones place.

Source: Chase Orton

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  1. Does not come up as a PDF

  2. Michelle Ammirati


  3. 63-21

  4. 63 – 32

  5. Shalonda Woods-Hornsby


  6. 63-42

  7. 63-12

  8. I wonder if anyone from a middle school background wrote 63 – (-5). It meets the qualifications.

  9. 63-12, since there are less ones in 12 then 63 i do not have to regroup

  10. 63-41 would not require regrouping because the number to subtract has a value in both the ones and tens place that is less than the greater number. 1 < 3 and 4 < 6 This way no regrouping is required to solve the problem.

  11. 63-23. No need to regroup since there are two 3’s in the ones place that will give a 0 and in the tens place you have 6-2, which will give a 4

  12. Paul Nelson Bennett

    I need to make sure i am subtracting numbers less than the number in each place value.

  13. 63-23
    Ones place must have a number that is the same or less value so you won’t have to rename/regroup

  14. 63-52

  15. 63-21

  16. 63-1=62

  17. Shannon Wirtzfeld


  18. 63-52=11

    The number must be smaller than 63 and have a smaller number than 3 in the ones place in order to have no regrouping.

  19. 63-03 will not need regrouping because subtracting 3 form 3 in the ones place value gives a value of zero and leave 6 in the tens place

  20. 63-52=11
    The numbers are smaller than the numbers in the tens and ones column.

  21. 63-10=53
    No regrouping is required because the number on top is bigger or equal than the number that is being taken away.

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